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05/08/11 - Switched posting over to Twitter.
You will need to "Allow Blocked Content" or allow scripts to view the Twitter feed. It's the only script running on the site.

05/31/10 - Spring brings growth and change.
I'm fully settled into my new apartment and very happy here so far. The only issue I have is there's not much in the way of room to expand the book collection. I may have to get a bit creative in a year or so. ;)

Time to learn new things...
Due to the postion I now hold at work, I have to buckle down and really put the learning hat back on. I have wide range of things I have to learn, in depth. I feel like I'm back in school! This is a good thing, one should never stop learning new things.

Summer entertainment
I really enjoyed 'How to Tame Your Dragon', and saw it three times in the theater. Other then that, I can't say as I've been "wow'd" by much of anything else that has come out so far.

In the reading realm, I currently have a entire bookshelve of yet to be read books. I've also recently purchased a Nook for when I travel. I must say, I'm surprised how easy it is on my eyes to read. It was money well worth spending.

On the music front, I've been on this 1920's and 1930's music kick. Some of the 1920s stuff doesn't do much for me, but I'm finding I really enjoy alot of the jazz and big band swing music. It's great music to have playing while cooking supper and puttering around the apartment. :)

Till next time...

03/14/10 - New year, new things!
It's been awhile since I put anything up, but decided it was time to get back on track. Last year's posts have been put into the archive with links at the bottom of the page. I keep thinking I need to update the theme, but I still like this one too much to do so.

What the new year brings...
I've decided its time to go solo again, and I will be moving into a new apartment in April. It wasn't a easy decision, but I think it'll be good for my sanity. I took the dive into buying furniture for the first time. That was a switch. I generally don't spend that much money unless it's a car or computer. I think the new place is going to look great with what I have selected though. I'll make sure to post pics once I get in. ;)

I continute to move forward at work, and I'm now fully into my new role as a Endpoint Engineer for IT Deskside. It's taking some adjusting mentally, but I like it a lot so far.

Till next time...

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