J.V.Clow's General Bio

Picture of Jeremy
  • Age: 48

  • Gender: Male

  • Height: 6 foot, 0 inches

  • Weight: 220

  • Build: Broad shouldered, large of bone, some extra padding.

  • Hair Color: Brown cut very short. Facial hair is reddish brown.

  • Eye Color: Hazel varying to more green or brown depending on mood.

  • Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota.

  • Occupation: Systems Administrator - Endpoint Engineer

  • Income: Enough to be happy in life. ;)

  • Education: Bachelor of Science Information Technologies.

RPGs, Online Games, Sci-fi & Fantasy novels, Hiking, Biking, Anime, and Computers.

Consuming caffeine, going for a strolls on a whim, reading through the night, and gaming for hours on end.

Barnes & Noble, 3 Rivers Parks, and Uncle Hugo's.

Favorite Music: 
Manowar, Delerium, KMFDM, Front242, Crystal Method, Evanscence, Mediaeval Baebes

Favorite Movies: 
Pitch Black, The Princess Bride, The Mummy, The Fifth Element, Young Frankenstein, Office Space, Idiocracy, Matrix, Stardust, Gladiator, Hot Fuzz, Shawn of the Dead.

Favorite Foods: 
Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian, Americana, and open to just about anything once.

Favorite Authors: 
Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Moon, Tad Williams, Tolkien, Heinlein, Hubbard, Larry Niven, Frank Herbert

Favorite Anime: 
Full Metal Panic, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Mushishi, Berserk, Moribito, SAO, Gate, Irregular at Magic High School

24 poems published to date with 3 nominations for best poet of the year by International Society of Poets.

Scholarship to Jamestown Community College for a fictional story written when I was sixteen and published in the High School Writer.

Personality Type: Individualist

Finding your own path

  • As an Individualist, you stand out as your own person—imaginative, curious, shrewd, introspective, and filled with surprises.

  • You're a free spirit. You've chosen your own path in life and don't do things simply to please other people. You're creative, intelligent, and opinionated. This isn't always a popular combination! Some misinterpret your insight and independence; they may see you as stubborn and a little snobbish.

  • It's true you're a natural skeptic and critic. You're often more in tune with what's wrong in a situation than what's right. You've probably gravitated toward jobs and hobbies where you can investigate, analyze, and solve problems. The challenge is being able to turn off that "critical eye." Skepticism and doubt are great tools at work, but they can be destructive in your personal life.

  • Fortunately, your quirky take on life can be very attractive. You often say and do the unexpected, which makes you fun and exciting to be around. You're very selective about who you share your life with. The lucky few find a very open and compassionate friend, who gives without condition. 

  • Individualists have a knack for innovation. Like pioneers, you have the potential to chart a new course and break new ground in your career and community. Not everyone will appreciate it, but you're a true original.